Galician legitimism between Portugal and England (14th century)

The crisis that in the 14th century affected Europe in the most diverse aspects (demographic, military, economic, social, ideological) constitutes, viewed in a long-term cycle, the context of the transition between medieval kingdoms and monarchies modern, germ of the current states. It is understandable that the historiography paid him, in general, great attention.

The kingdom of Galicia also lived through that period, particularly throughout the second half of the century, with remarkable intensity, forging connections with Castile, Portugal and England. But in this case, until very recently, the studies were partial and insufficient.

The prominence acquired by the noble lineage of the Castros, elevated in some of their characters to the category of historical myths, is the backbone of a line of observation that allows us to assess with greater precision the events and their important consequences for the future of the country

Anselmo López Carreira

(Vigo, 1951)

He graduated in Geography and History at the University of Santiago de Compostela in 1976 and obtained his doctorate at the same University in 1994. He was a Secondary School Professor at several institutes and a Professor-Tutor at UNED-Ourense, as well as a "Linked Doctor" at the Institute of Galician Studies "Padre Sarmiento"-CSIC.

Fields of research and publications:

low-medieval urban society: The city of Ourense in the 15th century, Ourense, 1998; The Galician medieval city, Vigo, 1999; Cangas in the Middle Ages. Study and documentation, Kangas, 1999.

edition of documentary sources: The Irmandiños: texts, documents and bibliography, Vigo, 1991; Ourense census of the 15th century, Santiago, 1995; The trial of the fortresses of Ourense, 1455-1456, Ourense, 1998; Book of Notes by Álvaro Afonso. Ourense, 1434, Santiago, 2000; Protocol book of Xoán García, Notary of Ourense, Madrid, 2007; Documents from the Archives of Ourense Cathedral (1289-1399), Santiago, 2017.

medieval kingdom of Galicia: The kings of Galicia, Vigo, 2003; The medieval kingdom of Galicia, Vigo, 2005; The Medieval Kingdom of Galicia. Chronicle of a forgetfulness, Vigo, 2020 (in collaboration with X. M. Andrade), distinguished with the Losada Diéguez Prize.

Galician history textbooks: history of Galicia, Vigo, 2013) and participation in collective works history of Galicia, 1979 e 1991.

- others: Miño, a wealth of history, Vigo, 2015; Art and writing in Medieval Galicia, Vigo, 2019.

In addition to numerous articles and reports in magazines, courses and conferences, and collaboration in informative programs on Galician radio and television, he coordinated university courses at the UNED and the University of Vigo, and the 1st and 2nd History Symposium in Terra de Lemos (Monforte de Lemos, 2007 and 2008), curated the exhibition From the Land of Lemos to the Kingdom of Galicia, opened in Ourense in February 2009.